Titanic EP (2019 Remaster) – [email protected]
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Titanic EP (2019 Remaster) – [email protected]

Titanic EP (2019 Remaster) – [email protected]

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Titanic EP (2019 Remaster) - [email protected]

With his first release as EBM outfit Voltage Control on Antler Subway in 1989, Utrecht-based Arno Peeters can easily be considered one of the Dutch Dance pioneers.
Influenced by hip hop, electro and acid house, and his uncontrollable urge to experiment, he moved on to produce techno. Disappointed by the genre’s conventions, he rather suddenly stopped with dance music altogether around 1995, letting a wealth of DATs with unreleased material collect dust in his studio. To our great pleasure, U-TRAX was allowed to pick some nuggets from these archives, resulting in this Titanic EP and an album later this year.
Arno started experimenting with sound at very young age, resulting in his first cassette releases with experimental soundscapes in 1983. In 1986 he joined the notable Centre for Electronic Music (CEM), where he was able to take his experiments to a new level in a professional studio-environment. In his ‘techno episode’, he recorded several 12″-es and CDs as [email protected] and The Implant, and as part of Random XS, Urban Electro, African Nightflight and The AWAX Foundation, with most of his records being released on the famous DJAX label.
After turning his back on techno, he applied himself to more experimental music again. In 1996, he created AeroSon, a 40-minute sound collage that won him the first prize in the category ‘Composers Under 30’ at a high-brow international contest for electro-acoustic music. This piece was later released on the prestigious Mille Plateaux label. Since then, his focus has shifted away from releasing music, towards working more project-based: on remixes, compilations and interactive (installations, video, sound design), building himself a successful career as radio maker, teacher and engineer, contributing to several award-winning documentaries and podcasts.
This EP is a nice cross section of Arno’s dance productions, serving you some acid, techno and electro.
Titanic V1 was originally created to be a Random XS track, the techno ‘band’ he formed in 1991 with Sander Friedeman. It was performed during their live set at one of the G.U.R.U. parties, organized by U-TRAX label boss DJ White Delight and label artist P.A. Presents.
This acid track was remixed into a techno monster when Friedeman replaced the 303 with a 101 and added a ton of delay on the bass drums, resulting in the woofer destroying Titanic (Underwater Dub).
The flipside sees a rare post-1995 recording by Arno: CEM Traxx 1. As the title suggests, this melancholic electro gem was created using the intricate machinery of the CEM Studio. Originally created as one half of a two-part composition for some project in 2003, it was never released before.
The EP closes with a typical Arno brainchild, the tongue-in-cheek acid banger XD5 Acid Master, from 1994. Tracks like this happen if you leave Arno unattended with a rather un-hip machine like the Kawai XD-5: he turns it inside out and uses it for things it was never intended for. Buckle up!
“Digging!” Charlotte de Witte — “Titanic (Underwater dub)’ and ‘CEM Traxx 1’ have both a great 90’s feeling, always into this sound. Will play in special sets, thanks.” Angel Molina — “XD5 crazy beater.” Parrish Smith — “XD5 is a bomb!!” Osvaldo Wilson — “Titanic” is a fucking jam!” Eric Cloutier — “Fire!” Henning Baer — “CEM Traxx 1 !!!!” James Ruskin — “Dope reissue” Francois X — “Luv it” DJ Emerson — “Really dope!” Azamat B. —

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