TMSV & Taiko – Shot / Bang Thing


Bang Thing
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Following two critically acclaimed sell out releases, Rua Sound changes things up with two bass laden tracks from TMSV and Taiko on a 140bpm tip.
Coming after high profile excursions at 160+ bpm on Rua, Arktikal Music and Cosmic Bridge, TMSV returns to the Dubstep fold.
Support from: Kahn, Sully, Jack Dat, Bukkha
Resident Advisor: Rua Sound is a new-ish label out of Galway and Brussels that highlights hybridized bass music. Its first EP, from Sully and Sam Binga, had a jungle flavour, while its second, from the Dutch producer TMSV, mixed dubstep's stomp with footwork's fidget. RUA003 looks to the past, with TMSV and newcomer Taiko meeting at the intersection of old-school grime and dubstep. Like something you would hear in a Kahn & Neek set, these two tracks are traditionalist on the surface but feature modern details that make them more than just exercises in nostalgia.
Both tunes are sparse and cavernous, with huge synths that are perforated to feel dynamic rather than overbearing. Of the two, TMSV's "Shot" is more grime influenced, mixing classic sleuthing chords with the dubby tinge of old DMZ records and Flowdan's vocals. It's hulking and heavy but loaded with limber snares that dance around the stiffer kicks. Taiko's "Bang Thing," which owes more to dubstep, also hits that balance. It has lots empty space, which makes each beat land with force, and emphasizes tension over pure aggression. Both tracks show what makes Rua an exciting young label, even if they only touch on one aspect of the wide-ranging sounds the label covers. Boomkat: Clinically sharp dubstep artillery from TMSV, who appeared on the last Rua ace, and now shares their 3rd release with yung gun, Taiko.
TMSV charges up a stinging piece of halfstep entitled Shot and unloading some of the nastiest mid-range slashes and vocoder ragga chat that we've heard from the scene in '16.
Relative noob Taiko flashes some serious chops on the flipside, too. Bang Thing is a cold, hollow-tipped bullet hingeing on iced-out grime drums and stabbed up with mutable, belly-creasing synths, balanced only just by the appearance of a female vocal luring us into its abyssal breakdown.
TMSV, who has already appeared on the young Rua Sound label, is the perfect companion to Takio's propensity to deliver heavy, noxious bass-driven beats. The pair team up to deliver "Shot", which features Flowdan on the vocals, and a leviathan of a bassline, ready to engulf anything in its path. "Bang Thing" is no less aggressive in its approach, except that here the bass tones sound more like machine-gun fire than a cannon blast and, as you can imagine, the results are pretty impressive. BIG TINGS
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TMSV & Taiko join forces on a monstrous collaborative 12? for Rua Sound, drafting in Flowdan on sampling duties for A-side ?Shot?. If distorted, low-end frequencies, crunchy dubstep bass pressure and short, floaty bursts of melody are your thing, this ticks every box; it might be too cluttered away from the club, but this is purely sound system music. Grizzly B-side ?Bang Thing?, meanwhile, finds inspiration in spacious, Spyro-esque beat programming.