Trisicloplox & Sectra – Souls Were Never Here EP

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Trisicloplox & Sectra – Souls Were Never Here EP

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Trisicloplox & Sectra - Souls Were Never Here EP

Release Date: 11th June 2021

Denver has long been a nexus point for the ley lines of global bass music. Home to a wealth of talent and an essential stop for artists both homegrown and international, now it’s the turn of nomadic label DNO Records to touchdown in the Mile High City, as rising stars Trisicloplox & Sectra join the roster.

Unlike anything heard on the label so far, the ‘Souls Were Never Here’ EP taps into that oh-so-Stateside sound; where dubstep’s unearthly weight meets the sound design of Detroit techno and the LA beat scene, all amplified by the screech and roar of grunge, sludge and noise.

On opening track ‘Alp’ — the only named collaboration — a methodical halftime march plays out to the footsteps of some unseen goliath, scraped and torn at by rusty needles of noise and bristling overdrive. Each following track is forged from the same dark matter, but transmogrified into its final beastial form by the individual witchcraft of each producer.

‘Duum’ sees Trisicloplox hack chunks from the rhythm so it stumbles along over raw subs, before switching up to syncopated kicks, a sheet metal melody and huge swells of bass to bring a swung hip-hop vibe to proceedings. Then, on ‘Changed Flesh’ he rips the beat from the track almost entirely, choosing to drag his thundering low-end kicking and screaming through a swamp of caustic fuzz and industrial rot.

Sectra’s solo effort, ‘I Was Never Here’, adds yet more coarse textures — like a painter mixing sand and glass shards into their palette. Picking up the pace slightly, the interplay of kick and bassline give the track a debauched groove, conjuring images of leather and iron and grease. Closing out with a digital-only track from Trisicloplox, ‘Siphon Soul’ finds the sci-fi effects that have been present throughout the EP coalesce into their strongest form yet, with snatches of guttural vocals building a tense dynamic around a slick rolling pulse.

Savage, ruined, dystopian — that’s the world depicted by the harsh, futuristic sonics of the ‘Souls Were Never Here’ EP, yet it’s also one where every sound and every second matter; where infinite dread and infinite detail sit side by side.

Whether DNO can escape the clutches of Denver’s twisted offspring to continue their journey remains to be seen.

Rhythms of postmodern realism at the very bottom of the DNO.

a1. Trisicloplox & Sectra – Alp

a2. Trisicloplox – Duum

b1. Trisicloplox – Changed Flesh

b2. Sectra – I Was Never Here

Digital Bonus: Trisicloplox – Siphon Soul

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