Tülay German & François Rabbath – Tülay German & François Rabbath


Leylim Ley
Bana Seni Gerek Seni
Gözümde Daim Hayal-i Cana
Kadınlarımızın Yüzleri
Ne Bilir
Kalktı Göç Eyledi Avşar Elleri
Gelin Canlar Bir Olalım
Sarkı Söylemek İstiyorum
Dere Geliyor
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Remastered vinyl reissues of the two essential albums by Turkish folk singer Tülay
German, starting with the self-titled release (1980) and followed by "Hommage to
Nazım Hikmet" (1982) in early 2022.
Referring heavily on turkish poets and the tradition of aşıks (singer-poets and wandering
bards) these two albums represent unique and modern interpretations of turkish folk songs
unmatched to this day. A matured artist with full conviction at the height of her powers!
Back in the 60s Tülay German (*1935 in Istanbul, Turkey) shook the turkish music landscape
with several 7" records. Most notably her first 7" record "Burçak Tarlası" (1964) is now
considered the cornerstone of what was to become the Anadolu Rock/ Pop movement and
underlines her rebellious nature and sense of justice.
But due to the increasing repression Tülay German and her lifelong partner and intellectual
impetus Erdem Buri decided to leave Turkey a few years later. In fact, an impending prison
sentence for Erdem Buri for translating Hegel's "Dialectic and Science of Logic" and
Plekhanov's "Fundamental Problems of Marxism" led the couple to emigrate to France.
In France Tülay German signs a major contract with Philips resulting in many 7" releases
sung in french under her french moniker Toulaϊ. In the long run Tülay German doesn't feel
quite comfortable with this major deal. And thus, despite the success and recognition she had
gained, she decides to quit the contract with Philips!
Later on she signs to independent world-music label Arion to pursue her actual artistic goals
more in line with her origin and temperament. Back to her mother tongue, Tülay German
records above mentioned albums for Arion under full artistic freedom, the only full-lenghths
in her 20+ years career. Alongside with double-bass virtuoso and turkophil François Rabbath
(*1931 in Aleppo, Syria) the albums consist of aşık traditionals and intonated poems mainly
by Nazım Hikmet. Her passionate voice and the restrained arrangements of François
Rabbath turn these centuries old melodies and poems into glowing manifestos for love and
justice. The fruitful collaboration of these artists-in-exile adds significantly to the rich heritage
of turkish folk music.
The self-titled debut, which was awarded with the prestigious "Grand Prix du Disque" of
Académie Charles Cros in 1981, is now seeing a vinyl reissue after 40 years.
Tülay German ended her musical career in 1987 and after the death of Erdem Buri in 1993
she retired from public life completely, leading a quiet life in Paris where she still lives to this
day. In 2021 Tülay German was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Istanbul
Foundation for Culture and Arts, Turkey.

Tülay German: voice
François Rabbath: saz & double bass
Recorded in Paris, 1980 by Claude Morel
Arrangements by François Rabbath
Poems adapted by Erdem Buri
Remastered for vinyl by Helmut Erler at D&M, Berlin
Lacquer cut by Ruy Mariné at D&M, Berlin