Twoosty Mayonez – Carmin


Bezpośrednie Wyniesienie / Direct Elevation
Awaryjne lądowanie / Emergency Landing
Ostatni Sygnał / The Last Signal
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There are two versions – 180g black vinyl and color vinyl version – limited to 100 copies and each vinyl has a different color. All versions has booklet inside with the special artwork dedicated to each track from teh album.
Things don't always go your way, especially when your plans involve space travel. In the case of Captain Harrison Focus's expedition, it started innocently, but no one was prepared for an emergency landing on the mysterious planet Carmin. Only then did the real fight for survival begin. This record tells the story of a dangerous expedition into space that began on February 6, 2023.
Twoosty Mayonez consists of Bartosz Wolert (drums) and Dominik Kaniewski (bass guitar and synthesizers). "Carmin" is their debut album, which is released primarily on vinyl by U Know Me Records.