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Dolomite Dub, Pt. I
Dolomite Dub, Pt. II
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?Dolomite Dub? featured as #6 in the Top 10 Dub / Reggae REWIND 2019 charts in THE WIRE (Steve Barkers?s Columnists? Charts, The Wire Issue 431 January 2020)

* 180g Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering including CD and DOWNLOAD CODE! *
** played by Steve Barker, BBC Radio Lancashire, ON THE WIRE, 1.12.2018 **
*** Included in Space Afrika's SPACE AFRIKA Mix on NTS RADIO Manchester, 2019-02-09 Manchester (UK) ***
*** featured by Peter Hollo @ Utility Fog, FBI-Radio 945FM, 2019-02-10 Sydney (AUS) ***
*** interview & exclusive mix |etc radio|, WNUR FM, Chicago, 4.1.2019 ***
*** KEPW 97.3 FM Eugene, Oregon Spectra-Sonic Sound 05.01.2019 ***
** interview & airplay of the whole album @ OE1, ORF – Zeitton Extended 3rd of february 2019 **
In his latest composition, DOLOMITE DUB, the Vienna-based South Tyrolean sound artist Ulrich Troyer presents his perceptions of a several-day high alpine hike across the Dolomites transformed into a soundscape.
The more than 40 minute track DOLOMITE DUB leads the listeners through this landscape of heights transgressing different moods – in which autobiographical memories flash up as well.
Subsequently to the experimental dub trilogySongs for Williamand the EPDeadlock Versions, a cooperation with Vin Gordon and Didi Kern, DOLOMITE DUB features besides Didi Kern on drums & percussion, Susanna Gartmayer on contra-alto clarinet and Juergen Berlakovich on bass, both long-time ensemble members of the joint project "The Vegetable Orchestra".
Period of creation: 2015 – 2018
First version: Commissioned by ORF musikprotokoll 2015
World premiere of the first version: 10th of October 2015, Helmut List Halle, Graz (A)
Album version 2018:
This studio version has been significantly revised and expanded since its premiere. Ulrich Troyer worked again with Susanna Gartmayer on the contra-alto clarinet and J?rgen Berlakovich on the electric bass. Didi Kern joined newly and interpreted the motifs for DOLOMITE DUB both on drums and percussion (cymbals with violin bow, prepared stand tom, various metals, cow bells, etc.).
The cover image displays an ink drawing of the frequency analysis of the entire composition: The left axis represents the time, the right axis represents the frequency stratification at any time of the piece. The picture connects the sounds again to an abstract representation of mountains

Album Credits:
Ulrich Troyer: Composition & Arrangement
Synthesizer, Sampler, Guitar, Field Recordings & Dub Effects Recording & Mixing
Participating musicians:
J?rgen Berlakovich: Electric Bass
Susanna Gartmayer: Contra-Alto clarinet
Didi Kern: Drums & Percussion
Mastering & Vinyl-Cut: Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin