Unknown – Grey Area Volume 3

Unknown – Grey Area Volume 3

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Unknown – Grey Area Volume 3

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Unknown - Grey Area Volume 3

Following hot on the heels of the previous Grey Area Releases, Numbers 1 & 2 is the latest in the series. Again the artists that are involved are kept on the down low, this provides neutrality when listening to each track.

A1 – 1: Time signatures are a strange thing is probably the best quote to describe the first of the four tracks on GA03. The stuttering filtered kick starts on a half beat 4/4 rhythm that starts off in an orderly fashion. Then as if by some strange magic the acidic line comes in with a 3/4 flavour and throws you off course for a moment or two. Don’t let this put you off though as the result of this really grows the more times you listen to it. The quality of the sounds that are used is not in question, they are very high in fidelity and are eerie and addictive.

A2 – 2: The second track on the “A-Side” has a more industrial feel to it. The main sound is like a flapping boat engine sound, chugging out its metronomic pattern. The accompanying sounds are from the sci-fi realm, and add a sort of suspense feeling to the vibe of the track. The use of delay works really well with these additions, and gives the track an almost dub style. The best way to think of this is minimalistic future music, again with high precision sounds that have a hypnotising glow.

B1 – 3: The first track on the flip is led by a arpeggiated synth noodle that tries to capture you with its hypnotist spell. The atmosphere the envelopes this comes from a clicking popping bubble set of noises. Its proper drippy and fluid to the ear, and this type of stripped back production has a real sense of something deeper lurking within itself. It fires your imagination as you could quite easily drift away into some otherworldly dimension.

B2 – 4: The closing tune takes us down into the realms of the deep and mechanised. Metallic machine sounds with spaced out fx really add depth and presence to this superb track. The solid kick drum stomps out the coded rhythm which marches along with purpose. This is probably the most forthright of all of the tracks on this EP. That’s not to dismiss the other tunes, but track 4 really stands out on GA03 and has the most in terms of components bouncing off each other.

Grey Area continues its mystical trip into the unknown, and for people that have the previous two EP’s then this is a must have for the collection. If you are new to GA, then get your ears around this! then seek out the other’s.

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