Various Artists – Da'asa – The Haunting Sounds of Yemenite-Israeli Funk 1973-1984


Im Nin'Alu
Sapri Tama
Halachti Layam
Wa'ana Fda Leumi
Eshmera Shabat
Ladema Eini
Neimat Pop Oud
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Da'saa – The Haunting Sound of Yemenite Israeli Funk 1974-1982
Fortuna Records deliver a stellar compilation of real-life magic created by immigrants from Yemen, in Tel Aviv, from the mid seventies to the early eighties. Ranging from extremely rare to previously unreleased, these tracks are a result of a unique scene which blended funk, soul, jazz & disco with traditional Yemenite rhythms & sounds.
It cannot get more obscure than this! Fortuna heads: Look out for an unreleased Tsvia Abarbanel from 1969!!! Glorious gatefold LP with a 14 page booklet telling the fascinating story of this movement, for the very first time!