Various Artists – Disruptive Frequencies


The Vichitra, Queer conjurations from us
Dark Energy Live Stream Track 1
Sandwell Valley
Combative Embers
Dark Energy Live Stream Track 2
Pemberton Gardens
Electromagnetic signals from our raging Black Earth, all our flora and fauna are burning
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Sound artist and researcher Amit Dinesh Patel aka Dushume began working in the field of music technology in 2000. In 2021, he began a research project addressing the distinctive lack of visibility for Black and Brown artists within the field of experimental music and sound: ?Exploring Cultural Diversity in Experimental Sound?, hosted at the Sound/Image Research Centre, University of Greenwich.

Disruptive Frequencies is one output of this research. Patel, together with five other Black and South Asian experimental and electronic artists recorded new music to release as part of this compilation:

Gary Stewart aka Bantu –
Aniruddha Das aka Dhangsha –
Amit Dinesh Patel aka Dushume –
Nikki Sheth –
Nicole Raymond aka NikNak –
Poulomi Desai – /

Crossing noise, high-energy electronic music, deep bass, ambient and experimental soundscapes, this compilation is a statement challenging institutional Whiteness, racist biases, lack of visibility and access to experimental practices. Each contribution pushes the boundaries of sound manipulation, turntablism, field recording, audio fragmentations and sound collage techniques.

Find out more about the project and its findings via