Various Artists – Earthly Tapes 01

Various Artists – Earthly Tapes 01

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Various Artists – Earthly Tapes 01

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Various Artists - Earthly Tapes 01

A new Earthly Measures adventure begins…We introduce to you Earthly Tapes 01, the first of our compilation series inspired by sounds from all corners of the globe, artists from Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and the UK invite you to experience their homelands through their individual musical styles, keeping to the diverse sounds that Earthly Measures has come to be known for! Ecuadorian born Joaquin Cornejos KOMOREBI serves as an excellent introduction to the label, with emotive sounds and soulful lyrics creating a beautifully peaceful track. This is a song built around almost forgotten vocal recordings of the amazing English singer Wabi Sabi and resampled old magnetic tape recordings that make up the rich textural background. Argentina native Janax Pacha brings up the tempo with a more dance floor friendly track. AMA-ZONA has a slow-burning tribal feel which wouldnt sound out of place at any point of a set, paying homage to the Amazonian rain forest. In his own words Ama” is to Love – “zona” means Zone – Lets respect and take care of the world’s nature by caring for and respecting our Own Nature. Our love zone is the heart just as Amazona is one of the largest hearts of our natural world and planet. The voice of our heart is the voice of nature. Hear it. Respect it. Let it Sing. Brazilian Ibu Selva brings us TAPARENDY, created as a means to evoke communication and dialogue between himself and the Guarani-Kaiow indigenous people from the rural outskirts of Brazil. This fierce downtempo groove is a mix of digital culture & form, producing a futuristic melancholy sound that reflects on Selva’s ancestry as well as the uplifting landscapes of his home country. To kick off side B, we have another Brazilian native, the prolific Carrot Green. OUTRA METROPOLE has beautiful keys, powerful synths & a wonderfully mesmerising breakdown. This is one for the early risers ready for a cosmic trip and some transcendental mind melting along the way. Multi Culti head Dreems offers up something a bit different with the playful FLAT EARTH. This downtempo chugger is something straight out of the Multi Culti handbook! Finally Earthly Measures family member Ben Michael concludes our premier release with UNTIL NOW, a delight that instantly excites and exhilarates, rounding things off perfectly. DJ Feedback: Catz ‘n Dogz – “I like this a lot” Superpitcher – “super nice!” Miguel Manzano – “I like Ama-zona and Taperendy.” Klaus Fiehe – “Lovely melting poit of slow dancing outfits, soul, blues, jazz…spooky atmospheres…top! Play it!” Pete Herbert – “Superb!” ian Blevins – “Dream stuff!” Luca – “hot stuff – what a slick and diverse compilation !” Philippe AUTUORI – “Love “Outra Metropole”! What a great piece, will play!!” Hot Toddy / Crazy P – “Some good vibes on here, love the opening track..Komorebi” dubble d/moodymanc – “Nice sounds throughout…Taperendy stands out in particular…” Tim Love Lee – “Great comp. love it.” Tuomas “Phonogenic” Salmela – “Very nice stuff indeed. Outra Metropole and Until Now stand out for me.” Leri Ahel (Mutant disco radio show) – “Right up my alley. Especially “Ama-zona”.”

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