Various Artists – Future Sounds Of Kraut Vol. 1


Intro (Future Sounds Of Kraut)
Oben Beg (Mk2)
Ich geh den Weg mit dir
Intensidade (Rina Remix)
Portable Electronic Musical Instrument
Elkamonious Split
Florian Schneider-Esleben
In der Stadt und auf dem Land
Hymne der melancholischen Programmierer
Die Geschichte vom heißgelaufenen Reißwol
Preen Scene
Outro (Auf Wiederhören)
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16 modern kraut-ish electronic tracks inspired by Kraftwerk, CAN, Neu, Rother, Klaus Schulze e.t.c.. Curated and compiled by Compost artist Fred and Luna. His selection (with six exclusive tracks!) shows how well younger artists are revitalizing the Kraut scene. The better known ones, like Pyrolator, Sankt Otten, I:Cube, anyway. Watch out for Vol. 2 end of the year. The collage on the cover was exclusively made by the fantastic artist Norika Nienstedt from kraut-metropole Düsseldorf.

Future sounds of Kraut, what's it all about? Keine Ahnung, I don't know. Überraschung, where we go…

Not at all easy or even impossible to define "Krautrock" or "Kraut". Nevertheless Compost Records and Fred und Luna strike out on the path to find the diverse elements of German electronic music of the 1970s and 1980s and their effects on the newer German and international music scene.
So, as a first approach, this volume of "Future Sounds Of Kraut" includes the music of up-to date artists primarily influenced by bands representing the repetitive character of German Electronica: Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!, Harmonia and Cluster, just to name a few.
Feel free to listen and get krautified!


A1. Fred und Luna "Intro (Future Sounds Of Kraut)" (1:52) – *exclusive
A2. Baikonour "Oben Beg (Mk2)" (4:39)
A3. Musiccargo "Ich geh den Weg mit dir" (6:18)
A4. Abrão "Intensidade (Rina Remix)" (4:54)

B1. Listening Center "Portable Electronic Musical Instrument" (3:01)
B2. Higamos Hogamos presents SPACEROCKS "Elkamonious Split" (3:31)
B3. Gilgamesh Mata Hari Duo "Florian Schneider-Esleben" (6:16)
B4. Kosmischer Läufer "In der Stadt und auf dem Land" (2:16)
B5. Sankt Otten "Hymne der melancholischen Programmierer" (4:24)

C1. Pyrolator "Die Geschichte vom heißgelaufenen Reißwolf" (4:49) *exclusive
C2. I:Cube "Vantableu" (8:24)
C3. Organza Ray "Preen Scene" (5:27) *exclusive

D1. Sula Bassana "Tropfsteinhöhle" (3:33)
D2. Halwa "Drehwurm" (7:33) *exclusive
D3. Lionel, Julien, Marceau et Rainer "Reise" (5:22) *exclusive
D4. Fred und Luna "Outro (Auf Wiederhören)" (2:31)