Various Artists – Greasy Mike's Lost & Lonely Ladies


Nobody but Me
Desdemona's Lament
Out of This World
I Walk the Streets
Like Young
Come Back Pretty Baby
Leave My Heart
Dark Midnight
Red Wine for My Blues
You Upset Me
Give Me Your Love
Melancholy Mood
The Wrong Guy
The River
Come Back to Sorrento
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The sublime, seductive sound of the smooth & sultry songstress
"Sometimes me and the opposite sex just don’t get along. I mean, we do and we don’t. Take this last one. She and I were getting on just fine. We went to the movies, I took her to shows, I took her out to fancy restaurants. The whole works. I treated her real good. She was a class act too. Blonde hair, blue eyes. A smile to die for. Then all of a sudden, she went cold on me. Cut me off. Why do they do that? What gives?"
"I mean, I’m an OK guy. I’m clean, smart, I shave every day. I wear the best suits, I use the best Cologne. OK so I don’t have what you’d call ‘a regular job’, but I got plenty of dough, and I know how to spend it. I like the finer things in life. Restaurants, Cuban cigars, fancy cars. The whole caboodle. What’s not to like?"
"I’ll tell you what. These dames don’t know a good thing when they see it. They meet a guy like me and they don’t know what’s hit ‘em. I take them out, I wine them and dine them and they just can’t handle it. They’d rather go for some kinda Joe Schmoe than a classy guy like me. And that’s what I don’t understand. So what gives?"
Greasy Mike in an interview circa. 1958 with jazz jock Slim Jenkins