Various Artists – Hyperituals, Vol. 1: Soul Note (Curated by Khalab)


The Earth Spins Faster Than Words
The Nagual Julian
Aladdin's Carpet
Hide And Go Seek
Spirits Return
Cubano Be, Cubano Bop
A Tribute To Bu (take 1)
Rain Shout
Nu Tune
Ondas (Nos Óhlos De Petronila)
Olduvai Gorge
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Woke rhythms and high-spirited grooves from the vaults of the seminal Italian jazz label, between the 70s and 80s.
Hyperituals is part of the new research path undertaken by Hyperjazz Records. Entirely curated by Khalab – Raffaele Costantino, HJ's founder and head of A&R – Hyperituals is a philological investigation that delves deeply into the musical influences and cultural roots of the young Italian label. The theme that runs through Hyperituals is the exploration of the possibilities of sound, rhythm, remix, and endless sampling. Inspiring listening, interpretation, and reinterpretation. Is it an exercise in cratedigging that explores the past of some of the most important yet sometimes forgotten record labels and aims to bring to light music that is contemporary both in its sound and its message.
Khalab's Black Saint / Soul Note universe (which also draws on some work from the 1990s, when the label was going through a less vital period, but without losing its vision) is a colourful one, dotted with rhythmic galaxies in constant motion. It is a true feast for the ears and a bewitching siren for the most curious and seasoned diggers.