Various Artists – LCR001

Various Artists – LCR001

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Various Artists – LCR001

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Various Artists - LCR001

Le Chatroom, a record label established in 2016 by the English producer Kouslin, searches for the missing link between underground bass music and outer national sounds. Its music is defined by the blend of synthetic and organic tones, modern / classic instruments and low- end heavy percussive rhythms.

Pushing artists from all around the globe that share the same love for this newfound sound, Kouslin’s aim with Le Chatroom is to promote musical diversity, open-mindedness and experimentation at a time when unity between cultures is crucial. With ‘LCR001’ the label advances into a new physical environment from which this release should be experienced.

Real talk and native percussion establish the steady climax of ‘Brothers’, the A-side of Le Chatroom’s inaugural wax release. Kouslin cuts through this sediment with a bright flute, before the state of the sound switches into something far darker and meditative. By placing several samples at irregular intervals, the Londoner achieves a fascinating charm that’ll unite us all.

Booming bass in ‘Gyals’ lingers with a steady pace while percy tribal hits forge a raw groove that’s far from common. With this movement, the producer from Bristol disintegrates the sense of a generic production and sticks to his true nature. Through this it becomes clear that Galtier has his polyrhythms down to a science.

Londoner Sheik clinches the B-side with a craze that unveils a nearly psychotic sense of sample architecture. Pushing crystal clear 808 kicks in- between the haunting atmospheres and a wall of pressure simply becomes one of his most inventive takes documented on wax. If you love to swerve through a minefield, the odd ‘Oxram’ would be your favourite pick off this first outline.

The three producers that feature on ‘LCR001’ pass on their fundamentals to conjure Le Chatroom’s philosophy red-handed. Together they do the imprint’s name justice by handing over critical bass repertoire that’ll excite many!

a1. Kouslin – Brothers

b1. Galtier – Gyals

b2. Sheik – Oxram

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