Various Artist's – Liguria Transatlantica – Bossa Figgeu


Bossa Figgeu
O Straccè
O Frigideiro
Sognando Rio
O Pescou
Sto Cicchetton De Un Gioan
Scia Cattaen, Scia Me I Fa I Taggiaen
Ho Fatto Un Viaggio
Bom De De Bom Bom
Rua Madureira
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"South American Jazz & Bossanova flavours from 60s & 70s in Liguria, north west Italy. As you might notice after the first listening, surprisingly, the melody sounds very similar to Brazilian Portuguese and the instrumental tracks have a distinctive touch of South American Jazz. Nonetheless, the sound landscape clearly reflects the Italian libraries of the time. This mingling was possible because at the time of the discoveries of the New World, due to commercial and cultural interconnections, the local Ligurian language was influenced by new stimuli from the new territories and vice-versa. Moreover, since the end of the Nineteenth Century, there has been a strong migration of Italians to South America, similar in numbers to the migration of Italians to North America, but less known because less represented in films or narrative."