Various Artists – Sleepers Poets Scientists


The Old Man And The Sea
Only Notes
Sleepers, Walkers, Scientists
5 Margarets
Queen Size
Snow Queen
Failed To Open
Girl Galaxy
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SLEEPERS POETS SCIENTISTS is the compilation of 9 female Georgian artists. It showcases works by Natalie Beridze's students at the CES (Creative Education Studio), where Beridze teaches song-writing and music production. Natalie Beridze is an international well-established artist with releases on Max Ernst, Laboratory Instinct, and Monika Enterprise, through live performances, theatre and movie soundtrack works, as a member of artists collective Goslab, and collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Thomas Brinkmann, Gudrun Gut, Nikakoi ? to name but a few. "This compilation is the backbone of what I try to persuade as a lecturer and as a person, who endlessly loves the music-making process. "Sleepers, Poets, Scientists " is the embodiment of intelligent, benevolent, dedicated, talented and beautiful women, who I believe have a bright future as female composers in Georgia and this album is a significant step towards it."
The retro cover is a nod to the famous group shot from the 1927 Solvay conference, which brought together physicists like Albert Einstein, Erwin Schr?dinger, Marie Curie, and others. With this in mind, the name Sleepers, Poets, Scientists rings like a call to action for today's brightest minds, to wake up and save our chaotic, troubled world.