Various Artists – There Where the Avalanche Stops


Tana's Legend
If I Had Your Body
Fairy of the Highlands
Blessed Albania, Her Leadership Illuminates Her Road
In the Dropull Plain
Untitled Melody
Let Us Sing to the Brave Men
Mule-Driver of Grebene
Korca, Your Son Has Come to See You
Untitled Orchestral Melody
I Am Waiting for You at the Sheep-Pen Gate
Bride's Dance
The Sun and the Moon Don't Shine
There Where the Avalanche Stops
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For one week in every five years, two thousand singers, dancers and musicians along with fifty thousand spectators make their way to the small town of Gjirokastra in southern Albania for the Festivali Folkloric Kombelar. In the great castle overlooking the town, they participate in the incredible National Folk Festival of Albania, hoping to attain the highest level of interpretation and win one of the many awards available the festival? the banner, even.