Von D, Mizz Beats & Mr Lager – Reflektion Tapes 001

Von D, Mizz Beats & Mr Lager – Reflektion Tapes 001

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Von D, Mizz Beats & Mr Lager – Reflektion Tapes 001


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Von D, Mizz Beats & Mr Lager - Reflektion Tapes 001

Released 17th February 2017

Leaving unwarranted hype to others – the London/Manchester based imprint ‘Reflektion/Tapes’ are not messing around when it comes to their remarkably promising debut vinyl. Catalogued as ‘RTAPES001’, it features a collaboration of Von D with Mizz Beats and Mr Lager respectively. The renowned, french heavyweight has a plethora of releases on highly regarded labels like Trojan Audio, GetDarker, Infernal Sounds, Khaliphonic & Scrub A Dub among others.  If this were not enough, Deep Medi signee Mizz Beats, who’s already collaborated with the likes of Roots Manuva and Silkie, has been back in the studio, pairing up on the A-Side with Von D for an unquestionably passionate musical work of art. On the flip the B-Side is a clear statement to the synergetic nature of Von D and Mr. Lager’s joint effort – effortlessly topping off this release. 

Commencing with the much sought after ‘Dot Compulsion’, bell-like chimes reflect off playful lead melodies, leaving room for tape-delay trails floating away to soulful chords. A tastefully saturated bass joins its correlating 2-Step/Garage groove, rejoicing along an emotive ride. It then proceeds to evolve into a straight pulse, steadily rolling along, plastered with silky vocal snippets and captivating harmonic, at times granular, soundscapes. 

A highly differing brew of vibrations can be felt from Mr. Lager & Von D’s ‘Some Other Place’. The B-Side sees us diving back down into the shadows. Initialising itself with an incredibly ponderous kick drum, complimented by sparsely used spring reverberations and twirling echo trails – introducing more dubstep-oriented accents. What follows is an airy, spaced out sub workout, accompanied by menacingly tight percussive hits from start to finish, guaranteed to test sound systems & leave chests rattling.

a. Mizz Beats & Von D – Dot Compulsion

b. Mr Lager & Von D – Some Other Place

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