Want You In My Soul – Lovebirds
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Want You In My Soul – Lovebirds

Want You In My Soul – Lovebirds

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Want You In My Soul – Lovebirds

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Want You In My Soul - Lovebirds

Youd be hard pressed not to have been completely won over by Lovebirds and vocalist Stee Downes magnetic Want You In My Soul back in A record that is as blissful as it is absorbing a true crossover that seemed to appeal to everyone and anyone skyrocketing prices up to for an original on Discogs South Street continue their incredible run with a fully remastered officially licensed reissue of this cherished cutClocking in at over eight minutes Want You In My Soul is as pure a modern deep house anthem as youll get An extended intro that gradually builds in intensity from the echoing pads to the shimmering arps before the pulsing synths and Stee Downes instantly recognisable soul infused vocals come to the fore Packed with passion brimming with emotion its about as sun kissed as you can get without getting burntOn the flip the never before released Summer In London edit that gets straight down to business shortening the lengthy intro and adding extra percussive touches for a more DJ friendly take on the originalA highly soughtafter EP finally given the reissue it deserves a musthave in any collectionbr

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