We Are I.E. – Remixes – Lennie De Ice


A1: Original Extended Edit
A2: Solo & Blades Yellow Cali Mix
B1: Horsepower's Return to E Remix
B2: Borai's Brizzle Brizzle Bassline Mix
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Much deserved, remastered reissue of ‘We Are I.E.’ by Lennie De Ice, arguably the first proto jungle tune, now coming correct with fresh remixes from Solo & Blades alongside Borai, as well as the sought-after Horsepower Productions remix.

Released in 1991 on I.E. Records, an imprint based out of De Underground Records, a store in London’s Forest Gate run by Mike De Underground alongside Uncle 22 and Randall, it famously featured elements that paved the way for the Jungle sound. Centered around the Amen break, ragga style basslines, vinyl spinbacks and gun shot samples, it stood out as something different back in ?91, A certified classic, rinsed on dancefloors everywhere and anywhere, from back in the day to the present.

Solo & Blades are the first of the new versions, hitting hard with a heavyweight jungle remix, as Borai steps up with a beefy bassline rework. Horsepower Productions killer and sought after remix rounds off the package.

DJ Feedback:

Foul Play
Moving Shadow
‘All the remixes totally land, great package, respectfully done. gonna hear a lot of these over the summer I think.’

Jerome Hill
Super Rhythm Trax, Don’t, Kool FM
‘Was a little sceptical seeing these were remixes as its such an iconic track – BUT fair play ! Borai and Ed Solo & Blades both knocked it out of the park and i’ll be playing both these, plus replacing my personal (slightly. crusty) vinyl rip of the original ! Bigups !!’

Om Unit
‘Untouchable until now tbh’

jd Twitch
‘even though I have probably heard it ten thousand times you can’t beat the original. remixes are cool though.’

Louise Chen
‘this hits so hard it’s tough choosing a fave mix!’

BBC 1xtra/ Rinse FM
‘Yeeeeeh found the dubstep remix vinyl of this in barcelona recently’

Werdna (Circular Jaw)
‘Classic, lovely to see Hooj bringing in the big guns for the remixes. These are going off!’

‘Sick breaks on this one’

Truss/ MPIA3/ Overmono

Oli Warwick
Crack/ RA/ International Orange/ JunoJuno Plus
‘Absolutely seminal bomb drop here, and the remixes are no joke either!’

Chris farrell
‘Always good to see this come round again, original and borai mix for me’


Doc Martin
Sublevel USA/Fabric UK.
‘Complete Rave Warehouse Flashbacks!!!!’

Lil Mofo
The Trilogy Tapes / Tokyo

Moody boyz
all over the worldstudio rockers records
‘classic tune feeling the Filter Dread Remix’

Rinse FM / Refuge Worldwide
‘really nice collection of tunes!’

‘love the original’

Huerco S.
‘ace 1’

Peder Mannerfelt
‘very much YES’

Groovy D
‘Love all of these tracks everyone’s done proper justice to a stone cold classic.’

‘boral’s remix is wicked’

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