Weldon Irvine – Deja Vu


Deja Vu
I am
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Label & Cat No. DYNAMITE CUTS – DYNAM7104
Back in the 80s I became a big funky jazzy and soulful vinyl collector. Which opened the world of the late great Mr Weldon Johnathan Irvine music, I managed to collect all of his LPs and singles back in the day. All have a place in my heart, back in the 90s I was also lucky enough to meet him. Licensing & Compiling for a small label called Hubbub records. Mr Irvine was such a calm and gentle person who just oozed music. He sadly passed away in 2002, which was a shock. But now years later It is a great honour to be able to release some of his music from his Nodlow music label on to 7" for the first time.
Weldon Irvine
For me the best LP recorded 1973 and released on Nodlow records, we have taken 3 wonder tracks from the epic "Time Capsule" LP ? "D?j? vu" you either love it or not, this catchy song has been edited down for the first time for this 7" 45 release. LP CUT is over 9mins long. Weldon on Keys and vocals back up with Emerson Cain, Lenny white Drums, Tony wiles percussion and Alex Blake on bass. Speaking to the family, I found out that Weldon had wanted to release a 7" of this back in the day, but it never happened, until now!
On the flip is "I am", A spiritual interlude of words and a feel that bring Weldon into the room, poetic masterpiece of earthly ideas and musical chords.
"Bananas" is a 90s Jazz Club dancer, this again shows Weldon doing his thang. Super funky drums and bass, It has that Weldon turn around rift.
A ? D?j? vu (special 7" cut)
B1 ? I Am
B2 ? Bananas
MUST HAVE VINYL RELEASE with Full color sleeve