Widow – Spooky Stories EP
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Widow – Spooky Stories EP

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Widow – Spooky Stories EP

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Widow - Spooky Stories EP

Release Date: 9th September 2022

The master of all things creepy, Widow slithers back with his sophomore DDD release. ‘Spooky Stories’ will take you down the dark rabbit hole into a world of scares, spirits and suspense.

Widow’s sound is characterised by a brilliant use of negative space, it’s often what’s not there as much as what is. Haunting atmospherics, deep bass, minimal drums and cheeky samples complete the picture.

Any fan of Deep, Dark & Dangerous will know many of these tracks from livestreams and shows. We see you hiding under the bed covers. 

a1 Widow feat. Logan – War

b1 Widow – Deadman Tales

b2 Widow – Rabbit Hole

b3 ??

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