Workforce – Set & Setting [2×12″ Vinyl LP]
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Workforce – Set & Setting [2×12″ Vinyl LP]

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Workforce – Set & Setting [2×12″ Vinyl LP]


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Workforce - Set & Setting [2x12" Vinyl LP]

Release Date: 20th May 2022

Workforce presents his debut album ‘Set & Setting’ on his own imprint Must Make Music. This body of work marks a significant new chapter for Jack as he continues to re-establish himself as a solo producer, DJ and label owner after 16 years as one half of the celebrated Drum & Bass duo Spectrasoul.

As an album, ‘Set & Setting’ is an absolute focussing of the Workforce sound. It’s the coming together of his influences and human experience to form the basis of the work – frenetically varied in both sound and feel, but held together by an overarching aesthetic and sonic palette.

‘Set & Setting’, a phrase I’ve co-opted from the context of psychedelics, refers to the physical, mental, social, and environmental context that an individual brings to an experience. 

The making of the music was the codifying of my ‘reality’. Experiencing the music is the decoding; altered by ‘Set’ and ‘Setting’.” Workforce

a1. Death Dreams ft Madi Lane

a2. Broken

a3. Flight Instructions

b1. Resurfacing ft Shady Novelle

b2. Occurs In The Mind

b3. Observer

c1. Forever

c2. For What Sustains

c3. So Long

d1. Attention To Suffering

d2. If You Feel…

d3. Reintegration ft Leroy Horns

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