World Is Too Loud – Third Attempt
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World Is Too Loud – Third Attempt

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World Is Too Loud – Third Attempt

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Third Attempt has a distinct and uplifting flavour, firmly planted in the smoother areas of deep house. His influences range from jazz to ambient, trip hop to classic house. Third Attempt’s first Beatservice single “Shoreline” accumulated numerous accolades and tens of thousands of plays on various streaming platforms. After three two-track EP’s, and one four track EP, it is now time for a new album from Third Attempt!
The album continues his mixture of funky, jazzy and deephouse grooves, but, while his EP’s have been aimed mostly for the dancefloor, the album is on the smoother end of the scale.
“I love it and I have to say it reminds me of Crazy Peniss first album A Nice Hot bath With-thats a compliment. Its delightful! Real lush flecks of melody and delicacy. Its really lovely!” Danielle Moore — Crazy P “this is very nice stuff, like a modern take on what classic British labels like Toko or Nuphonic used to put out back in the day. Great to see young guys doing this kind of music again!” Manual Tur — Urban Absolutes/Freerange Records “Lovely stuff – trippy jazz-funk and electronic fusion will be playing this for sure!” Warren Luke Cummings — Worldwide FM/Balamii/Kassian “ovely disco sounds! Enjoying the beatless tracks too.” Moscalus — “Waoo this is great work right here!! Amazing album… Congrats!” Jef K — “Overall great for listening and dropping on the dancefloor. Big support from me.” Ashley Beedle — “Love this and will support on my show.” George Evelyn — Nightmares On Wax “This is great. funky as but its the dreamy laid back style and arrangement switches zone it right in.” Ron Basejam — Crazy P “A really cool concept….Can wait to play this material. Groovy!” DJ Pippi — Ibiza Hostel La Torre/Music For Dreams “Cracking stuff. Lads v talented. Nice array of styles and all turned in consummately.” Steve Cobby — Fila Brazila

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