Wraz – Annunaki EP
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Wraz – Annunaki EP

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Wraz – Annunaki EP

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Wraz - Annunaki EP

Release Date: 25th February 2022

Wraz is back on Deep, Dark, & Dangerous! “Annunaki” shows the incredible progression in Wraz’s production skills over the last 2.5 years.

The Annunaki, ancient mesopotamian gods and goddesses (who some believe are actually extraterrestrial beings come to earth), are perfectly encapsulated by Wraz’s fusion of “ancient” influences, phrygian harmony and organic orchestral textures with futuristic electronic sound design.

The 6 track EP is a detailed journey through the Wraz sound. Huge crunchy driving basslines, big kicks, clever percussion, overlaid with orchestral elements and progressions which are a nod to Wraz’s formal training as a classical composer and conductor.

Sometimes the orchestral takes over completely, “Relics” could equally come from a film score as an EP on Deep, Dark & Dangerous… but instead of the end credits, the melodies cleverly lead into the next track on the release. Overall the EP is a ride you don’t want to miss. Essential for listening, DJing and collecting.

a1. Wraz – Enlil

a2. Wraz – Ereshkigal

a3. Wraz – Relics

b1. Wraz – Tiamat

b2. Wraz – Nergal

b3. Wraz – Utu

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