Wrong Numbers EP – Wrekin Havoc


A1: Heavy Breathing
A2: Work it
B1: Dirty Devil
B2: That Is The Question
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The Havoc guys have been on an enforced hibernation through the winter due to a lurgy that had been affecting the planet. They have remained in the cave throughout this time huddling up to keep warm and exploring what had become their home away from home for months on end. One night, whilst lighting a fire, trying to find motivation for the next release (basket weaving had lost its appeal) they spotted a glint across the way ? On further inspection, it was a small bottle and had a label of sorts ? It looked to be medicine or smelling salts ? Liquid Gold. Curious creatures they are they all took a long good sniff of this elixir. And just like that, they rummaged around the records stacked in the corner put some more coal in the old computer and began their work.

Soon the A-Side of the new EP was born. Most certainly a step up in the BPM from the previous A-Side off EP1. A1 kicks off with a Germanic Proto Throb Job, that’s sure to cause errr…Havoc on the dance floor. Whilst A2 is a Bassline Driven, Reconstructed Austrian Euro Pop Monster. One for late-night Discos.

After a while they had stopped sweating, hearts had stopped beating quite so quick. Whilst the creative juices were flowing a few more records were dug out and a log put on the fire and a cup of fungus juice imbibed. B2 came rattling out the speakers in no time at all in all its chugging glory, the vocals take in a nod to god after the devil has done his dirty work.

At this point, the sun was starting to peek through the mouth of the cave and a new day was upon them. One last record had been found, earlier, that was decided would work at this time, actually after consideration, any damn time… B2 Is like a familiar Balearic Back rub with pop-infused French vocals and beats for days…So now EP2 is complete. Back out into the world our intrepid or is it tepid threesome went… Let’s only hope their wives haven’t left them after all this time locked away.

DJ Support:

Jim (HMD)
Bill Brewster
Kelvin Andrews
Eric Duncan
Al Mackenzie
James Holroyd (Begin)
Pete Herbert
Phil Mison
Nick The Record
Justin Robertson
Mind Fair
Steve KIW
Craig Christian
Dr Rob
Dave Jarvis
Max Essa
Andy Simms (Soft Rocks)
Jaye Ward
Nancy Noise
Andy Taylor (WATS)
Graeme Fisher
Severino (HMD)