Yamash'ta & The Horizon – Sunrise From West Sea


Sunrise From West Sea Part: 1
Sunrise From West Sea Part: 2
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An overlooked spiritual classic in two parts, Yamash'ta & The Horizon were a one-off project consisting of a hat-trick of musicians seeking to perfect their craft. In 1971, Hideakira Sakurai, Masahiko Satoh, Stomu Yamash'ta and Takehisa Kosugi gathered in Japan to perform an invite-only concert to a handful of friends. Deep and distinctive electric shamishen becomes a sonic centrepiece over the course; handled by Sakurai, the sound is haunting, like a lone voice amidst a sea of percussive nymphs. Sloshing koto, percussion and eruptions of awe from the crowd all dominate the moments of downtime; a timeless snapshot of Fluxus Japan.