Yocto – Zepta Supernova


Orbital Alcatraz
Entre Les Mors
L'Etau de Zalmoxis
Hagio Agio
Lance-Flamme Lance-Glace
Procession, Rituel
Procession, Révolution
Station 01011
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Already bandmates within IDALG, Jean-Michel Coutu and Yuki Berthiaume-Tremblay have been working on new material for some time, from which a distinct identity emerges: the echoes of exotic post-punk, the polychrome and nervous plot of an art rock space opera. YOCTO, in addition to the name given to this new project, is a micro unit of measurement that re?ects well this mini-cyclic and fractional music, drawing its DNA from mid-70s underground rock (Television / Talking Heads / Devo) and sci-fi series opening credits. As a leader of this band, Yuki Berthiaume-Tremblay (Jesuslesfilles, IDALG) sings rebellion anthems alongside Jean-Michel Coutu (IDALG) on guitar, Emmanuel ?thier (Chocolat) on bass, F?lix-Antoine Coutu on drums, and Carl Matthieu Neher on v-organ. The first album, Zepta Supernova, co-produced by Emmanuel ?thier (Corridor, Pierre Lapointe, P'tit Belliveau) and Jean- Michel Coutu (Jesuslesfilles, CRABE, PYPY), is released on Canadian label Duprince and French label Requiem pour un Twister. An incisive odyssey where fatal obsession, pernicious pride, chained star, and judgment day are at issue. In this series of science-fiction fables, Yocto speaks to a completely megalomaniacal antagonist. The latter has a predisposition to indulge in his own vices – which Yocto has understood well and will makegood use of: through her cunning and pure ingenuity, she will undermineherrival untilhis lucky starbecomes asupernova