Yppah ‎- Sunset In The Deep End [CD]
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Yppah ‎- Sunset In The Deep End [CD]

Yppah ‎- Sunset In The Deep End [CD]

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Track listing

Yppah ‎- Sunset In The Deep End [CD]

Release Date: 23rd October 2020

The Texan-native, multi-instrumentalist and producer – Joe Corrales Jr – AKA Yppah has long been considered a top-tier artist by the industry and fans alike, owing to his releases on the iconic and respected independent labels Ninja Tune and Counter Records. His work has been used in high profile TV syncs such as ‘CSI’ and ‘House’ as well as video games such as ‘Alone In The Dark’.

a1. Dreams Like You ft Shaunna Heckman

a2. Light Cycle

a3. Pieces

b1. Shadows Climb the Wall

b2. Tree Ghost

c1. By Then It’ll Be Too Late ft Ali Coyle

c2. Shot Into The Sun

c3. High Pines

d1. Autumn Phase ft. Ali Coyle

d2. Soft Reset

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