Yuri Suzuki – Thanet House EP

Yuri Suzuki – Thanet House EP

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Yuri Suzuki – Thanet House EP

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Yuri Suzuki - Thanet House EP

Release Date: 26th March 2021

The Accidental label pushes on in it’s 21st anniversary year with ‘Thanet House EP’, a no nonsense, no pretention house 12” from renowned sound artist and designer Yuri Suzuki. Born in Tokyo in 1980, Suzuki studied in Tokyo and London, exploring the relationship between music and technology. His design and sound work is widely lauded, with examples of his practice being found in, among others, Tate Britain, MoMA and Mudan. In 2016 he was recognized by Design Miami, receiving their Designer of the Future award and in 2018 became a partner at the world’s largest independently owned design studio, Pentagram.

In 2020, he relocated from London to Margate and found himself locked down in the company of several classic dance music machines; Roland’s TR-808, 909, 303 and Juno. It was through these that ‘Thanet House’ was created.

Like the joy of witnessing an old contraption working just as it should, ‘Thanet House’ is a familiar, but inviting affair. The combination of those famous machines is hardly a new idea, yet there is an undeniable joy to hearing the results of them working in harmony, guided by the expert ear of one like Suzuki. His passion for Chicago/acid house is evident throughout. Every boom, bap, snap and slap count, creating simple but effective dance floor moments for active feet and loose minds.

Opener ‘Intensive Washing’ builds on a solid 909 groove with rolling rimshots, subtle 303 and a juno bassline reminiscent of Mr Fingers seminal work with Trax Records. ‘Side Effect’ doesn’t let the ball drop, with the time honoured amalgamation of throbbing 808 drums and a squelching, infectious acid loop, before the record closes with the tight and bouncy rhythms of ‘Morning 808’.

a1. Yuri Suzuki – Intensive Washing

b1. Yuri Suzuki – Side Effect

b2. Yuri Suzuki – Morning 808

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