Zonke Family – At The Studio


Sadza Nemusoro Wembeva
Nbebvu Mbembembe
Wako Ndewako
Tinotengana Kuipa
Kuroora Mukadzi
Washora Mambo
Mhembwe Mukati
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The members of the Zonke Family from Nyamapanda, Zimbabwe, belong to the few remaining master musicians of the matepe, a type of lamellophone which belongs to the family of the mbira. This complex interlocking music is played on each instrument with four fingers, each employing independent rhythmic patterns which effects many psychoacoustic tricks on the listener's ear.
This is the first time ever a full matepe ensemble is captured on a studio album. We hope this album is a step towards bringing this music to new audiences – as well as a contribution to its preservation.