How to store your vinyl records

How to store your vinyl records

The Kallax is king

Record collectors should organize their collections vertically. Vinyl records take up a lot of space. Records need to be stored horizontally because they are flat, and they are heavy. Vinyl records also take up a lot of room. People should buy storage units to store their collections.

Vinyl collectors should buy a lot of music, so they need to make sure they have enough space for all of their records. One of the best systems to acheive record storage perfection is the Ikea Kallax system.

The Kallax is best because:

1. It’s cheap…

You can fit around 50-60 records in each cube in a Kallax, which means a 2X2 model can hold 200 records. That 2X2 model runs for £40, or 20p per record it holds. Expand that out to the 5X5 Kallax–the biggest one available–and you can hold 1250 records.  Compared to every other option, there isn’t a single vertical storage method that even comes close.

2. Its as sturdy as it gets.

Most other commercial bookcases are very flimsy when it comes to holding vinyl. Once you build your Kallax and tighten those last bolts with an Allen key it will stay super strong. My trusty 5X2 has made it through house moves, kids climbing over it and using it as a diving board, and still holds 3000 records as well as it did when I bought it 6 years ago. The Kallax is a solidly constructed bookcase in a way no modular bookcase out of a box really is. One of the best bits about the Kallax: they won’t tip over accidently ever.

3. It holds loads of vinyl

The Kallax holds its own because it can simply hold more vinyl than anything else. Generally you can hold 50-60 records in a cube, but legend has it that people have managed to fit upto 80 or 90 records in a cube. Woaaaah!

4. It a looker

Its a handsome devil. In the age of social media, there is no better image than a stack of records in the Kallax with some plants and a smug collector showing the world “Hey I collect vinyl”.

5. It’s cheap as chips (still)

King Kallax is the only bookcase that’s as cheap as it is–it’s available to rich people and broke students alike. Kallax, take a bow son!

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