Reasons to buy from an online record store

Reasons to buy from an online record store

There are many reasons to buy from an online record store. In this article we have compiled a list of benefits ranging from ease of access, to saving time in your day to day life. Not everyone has the time to pop into the local high street and browse a physical store in hopes of finding a specific record. Below you will see a list of reasons as to why purchasing from an online record store can not only save you time, but also money.

The ease of finding specific records

When it comes to finding a specific song or album that you’re looking for, it can be a challenging task organising and sorting through a wide range of physical copies to find the one that best suits you. Browsing virtually allows for a quick search showing what is currently available. The greatest part when searching online is the ability to preview the record before buying it, giving you a chance to listen to the specific record, song or album that you’re interested in. It also gives the consumer the chance to discover a wider range of music genres, allowing you to experiment with the preview button. We’ve discovered that a percentage of individuals purchase an in-store record, only to get home and realise they’ve made a mistake.

General time saving

We understand that visiting a record store can be a time consuming task. When buying from an online store, you can visually see what is available at the current time. Creating a hassle free service that takes minutes, opposed to potential hours. With the extra time saved, you can dedicate more time to discovering new potential music and genres that you might have previously glanced over. Alongside time saving, the preview feature allows you to hear a track or record before purchasing it. This can save you precious time and the unnecessary inconvenience of having to return an unwanted record.

Delivered at a time that suits you

Not going to be home? Need it delivered in time for a specific birthday or event? Buying from an online record store allows the consumer to pick a dedicated time for the record to be delivered. As mentioned above, this is a hassle free option and can save time. No matter the weather, you can get a wide range of records delivered straight to your door at a time that is best for you.

Reasons to join Casavinyl

At Casavinyl we run a subscription based model that allows the consumer to purchase points. With the points purchased you can buy individual vinyls and a wide range of mystery bundles which is a great way to discover new music.

Casavinyl is an innovative and exciting new way to listen to the music you love. We are the UK’s fastest growing vinyl subscription service. If you enjoy music and vinyl, you will enjoy our UK vinyl subscription service. Simply choose a monthly plan and our professionals will handpick specific vinyls and records that are tailored to you. It’s a fantastic way to discover new music and genres. Perhaps you like to choose your own records? Not a problem, you can select specific records and make full use of the preview feature, giving you unlimited control.

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