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Why people love Vinyl?

6 reasons why people love vinyl

1. Unique Cover Art

Vinyl records have beautiful and meaningful cover arts that tell a story and contribute to the total meaning of the art of the EP. Combining both visual and audio loveliness.

2. The Taste of Music

Vinyl records make you able to “taste” the rawness of music in its most enjoyable form. Music is an art and for music to be made, various components must have been put together in the right proportion. This makes music taste-able and good. Yummy!

3.The record owning experience

Have you ever stumbled into a conversation talking about records? Talking about the first record you ever bought. Do you remeber the first music file you downloaded, I dont think so…. You can stick your mp3s where the sun doesnt shine.

4. The Quality of Music

With the manipulations that come with digital music, songs have lost their quality too. Vinyl records preserve the quality of music and keep it from adulteration. The warmness of a vinyl reocrd cannot be under estimated.

5. The spinning experience

Vinyl records give you the spinning experience. You get to experience what the turntable really feels like. You are your own DJ. You spin, you turn, and you control your own music.

6. The Music is the Artists

Unlike digital music which is controlled by the big tech companies, vinyl records enable artistes to own their music and earn from it without having to pay, another middleman, the big tech company, a share of its profits. £0.00002 for a stream. How kind of you Mr Tech Billionaire!


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